• Phuensum Dharim Lottery

    The name Phuensum literally means Prosperity and Dharim means Monthly. The name signifies peace and prosperity. Phuensum Dharim is a form of traditional paper lottery. It is a monthly scheme with 200,000 tickets printed at a price of Nu. 50 per ticket. The prizes category ranges from Nu. 1,000,000 (one million) as the top prize to Nu. 500. The draw is conducted on the last day of every month and the tickets are sold across 20 Dzongkhags through our Regional Sales Agents.

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  • Thuensum Scratch

    The name Thuensum literally means Match/Coordinate 3. The name signifies the combination of 3 signs from the 12 Bhutanese birth signs and such combination predicts achievement, prosperity and fame. Thuensum Scratch is a form of pre printed Scratch and Win lottery. It is a figure matching game, where buyers match 3 or more figures and win some amount. 200,000 Scratchcards are printed per scheme at Nu. 30 per Scratchcard and buyers can win up to Nu. 500,000. This product has been launched in order to provide our buyers a platform for entertainment in addition to their chances of winning.

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